The possibility of personal Pick Up of goods

You load up free.


Price traffic across the Slovak Rebublic


Purchase in 1000 = 149 Euros incl. VAT

Purchase up to 2000 Euros = 199 Euros incl. VAT

Purchase up to 3000 Euros = 249 Euros incl. VAT

For other countries, please contact us. We can deliver Europe Wide.




If you order products that are in stock in the required amount and will be delivered on the third day of ordering or next Friday week. Delivery we do only on working days. In case you have ordered products are not in stock, we will inform you of the delivery date.




After your order you will be within 24 hours invoiced for payment by bank transfer and sent to your email. It has to be paid promptly, as ordered goods we give to the expedition preparation immediately on the day of ordering.



Contact details

MILCOLN s.r.o.
Gaceľská cesta 407
02754 Oravská Poruba
PRACOVNÉ DNI 8:00 - 16:00
tel0904375800 ( Miroslav Trnkócy)
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